Ghost Rock



3.5 Miles, 603’ elevation change, 2 hour duration, rated Moderate

January 2, 2020

If you are looking for a quick hike in the Laguna Beach area this is a good one. It has coastal canyons, scrub brush, an oak grove which provides some nice shade for a portion of the hike, interesting rock formations, and on the upper portion of the hike there are views of the OC, Saddle Back and far off mountains. While on the upper portion you could add a short distance to gain some Pacific Ocean views in the other direction.

But as the title of this post suggestions this article is about interesting rock formations. Some that you can climb into for a photo op and then the star of this post the Ghost Rock makes this a fun hike especially for kids. Pay attention because Ghost Rock is not right on the trail and it is in a fenced off area. This is not a long hike, however there is certainly an up hill section and it comes all at once.

The park is open 8AM to 5PM. There is a $3 dollar parking fee, and portapotties are available. I did this trail, Laurel Canyon-Laurel Spur-Willow Trail Loop, going counter clockwise, last year I did it going the opposite direction. Both are good, but if you would rather have the steep section going up instead of down then go counter clockwise.

Ghost Rock
Where are the ‘Ghost Busters’ when you need them? Boooo!
“Hike more. Worry less.”

Thanks for joining Adam, my racketball buddy, and I ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ at Ghost Rock, a fun hike to be sure. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW and SHARE. The great PBTA Cap and high performance moisture wicking shirt, you see pictured, can be yours for a nominal price at SHOP APPAREL, which helps support this site. Speaking of websites PBTA hosts many different sites all categorized by area. Check them out for inspiration and to gather information on fantastic adventures all over the West. Each is a separate website and thus needs to be Followed independently.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure


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