Salt Creek Trail Western Route


Activity: Day Hike

Date: October 28, 2019

Distance 6.1 miles, 705’ elevation change, duration 2+ hours, rated Easy

We left from the Salt Creek Beach Park pay parking lot near the Laguna Niguel Ritz Carlton, which by the way- I think is a magnificent hotel, and the location perched on top of a cliff with the sparking blue pacific, tide pools, and a golden beach which boasts blue-green waters like you generally don’t see in California. The view is simply breathtaking, the location is unmatched.

We took the road that is just to the North of the Ritz Carlton property which runs beside a charming green belt little park like area until you reach the beach. We turned north and along this path is were you will join the Salt Creek Trail, which is part of OC Parks.

As I said, Salt Creek is really a marvelous beach with a nice little break and the water is so crystal clear that the colors are really different from most SoCal beaches. It is a splendid spot to spend the day. But we were here for a hike to not only take in the sights, but to stretch our legs, breath some fresh air, and enjoy.

This trail is used by walkers, bikers, and joggers. It’s main purpose would be for local residents to gain access to the nature of the little canyon, which it runs through, but also the beach. It runs past the Monarch Beach Resort and it’s golf resort, which adds to the beauty of the locale with it’s green links, reedy marsh area and exquisite landscaping. This outing is what I would refer to as a urban hike. I am all about wilderness, but in order to be ready for wilderness hikes and backpacking adventure you have to work your way up and this is a great way to do it, especially with views like those of Salt Creek.

Once I completed my trek up the Salt Creek Trail and back down I of course needed to spend some time out on that beautiful beach so I hiked along Monarch Beach, Salt Creek Beach, and Dana Strand Beach.

Views of Monarch Beach
Move the body, still the mind.

Always good to go for a walk and the starting point and the ending point awwwwesommmee… Thanks for joining us for this outing, lots more to come so come on COMMENT, LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW. Checkout the menu above for the many different places that ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ explores. They are all separate sites and thus need to be followed individually. Why not get a hat or a shirt at SHOP APPAREL? Until next time.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, ’Pursuing Balance Through Adventure


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