Nature Preserve Interpretive Center Upper Newport Bay


Activity: Learning about the Nature

While ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ I hiked the Upper Newport Bay Reserve 5 mile loop which was delightful, and gave me a chance to enjoy an afternoon in nature while getting a little exercise. Along the route is the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve Interpretive Center. This is a state of the art center with more in-depth information about Newport’s Back Bay, the animals, plant life, the estuary, and history of the area.

I must have found it fascinating, because I spent quite a bit of time there. The displays were interesting, and they have a little theater were they show different documentaries about nature. They happen to be showing a documentary on the California Mountain Lion which I was glued to and the person at the center was kind enough to let me watch all four parts. I now have a greater knowledge, understanding, and appreciation about these creatures. Mountain Lions are pretty amazing, but I still do not want them to eat me.

The Upper Newport Bay Preserve Interpretive Center is a really nice facility and I recommend giving it a look.

Tule Boat used by Native People in this area made out of reeds, and willow.
”Looking deep into nature, you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

I have to say that I mostly like to just experience nature, but it is still fun to learn more about it. Thanks for joining me ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ Orange Cty Hiking at Newport Back Bay and the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Interpretive Center. Please COMMENT, FOLLOW, LIKE, and SHARE. If you would care to support PBTA then checkout SHOP APPAREL, for all your adventure clothing needs whether that be on the trail, mountain, desert, boat, beach, gym, or couch.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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