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Practicing Social Distancing @ Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Huntington Beach, California

Activity: Day Hike While Practicing Social Distancing

Date: March 31, 2021


Bolsa Chica Wetlands is one of the closest hikes to where I live. It is an easy hike and the Ecological Reserve is starting to bloom during the first few days of Spring. But this Spring is unlike any other- people are gripped in fear, filled with the anxiety of not knowing what lies ahead. Headlines are full of bad news- sickness and death and the numbers keep mounting. Workers and students are cooped up at home on command to shelter in place by order of the Governor. But if we practice Social Distancing we are allowed to go out locally and hike specifically.

Hiking and walking are so good for you both physically as well as mentally, and since everyone is under a great deal of stress at this time it is even more important to get out breath some fresh air, stretch the legs, and enjoy nature. We need to stay fit, and it is imperative that we strengthen our immune system. It might be more difficult at this moment in time because all of the gyms are closed. All of the schools are shuttered-so no PE, all of the sports are shut down- so no training, no games, no release. I preach and practice ‘Social Distancing’ and we can all say, “Corona Virus Take a Hike”.

Here is how we were attempting to practice Social Distancing. I hiked with my friend Adam. We both drove separately, we stayed 6 feet apart-which really made close dancing difficult, we stepped off the trail to let other go by, and we had fun with it. There were a good amount of people out hiking, but not so many that Social Distancing couldn’t be practiced effectively.

Some people had masks on. Which has inspired me to have a ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ Face Gator made available to lovers of PBTA so we may continue to hike, love nature and while staying as safe as possible in this time of virus and peril.

There were people of all age groups, Mom’s with their kids giving them a break (and I am sure the Mom as well), retirees, couples, solo hikers, people with dogs, newly released prisoners, and families. We spoke to people, whom were all pretty chatty about their personal experience in this New Norm through which we are all going.

A newly laid off man, bartender by trade, was kind enough to take us along with a fit young woman, exploring parts of the Preserve and informing us of the history. This whole area was once an Native American Village and he spoke about artifacts and an archaeological dig he had seen while a boy. He reviewed with us different plants and explained how Native Americans utilized them.

During WWII this area was a massive bunker we saw old gun mounts and he showed us entrances into the series of bunkers that are below ground. He pushed back brush, revealing an air vent to the chamber and explained as a kid he had explored deep into the underground compound. It was pretty fascinating indeed-until a lot of bees came buzzing out of the vent which caused Adam to scream like a little girl as he escaped, plowing into me like a New England Patriots Running Back slicing thru the Defensive Line of the Buffalo Bills, thereby dashing my strict quarantine policy and most probably infecting me w/a disease that will strike my precious, creative, life from this unfair, cold, dark world. If I am soon worm food, feel free to turn Adam into mulch.

We were all enjoying the beautiful California day of this open space, with the blue Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island in view, the birds, the bees, and the blooms…practicing Social Distancing at Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

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Fun and zany video Demonstrating Social Distancing at Bolsa Chica Wetlands.
Bolsa Chica Wetlands Birds and Blooms
Life is always better when I hike.

Thanks for joining Adam and I as we practice Social Distancing at our most local hike during the time of Corona Virus while ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’. More and more national and state parks are being closed because people are not utilizing Social Distancing. I am having PBTA Masks made to keep myself and other safer during this scary time. Don’t forget to COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE. Even if we are being curtailed from the National and State Parks we can free our souls through projecting ourselves to these places by reading about them and planning for our next adventure.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

Corona Virus – Take a Hike


Huntington Beach, California

Activity: Day Hike

Date: 3-22-20

Last year at this same time I took this same hike in Huntington Beach’s Bolsa Chica Wetlands. That was a glorious day, blue skies, bright sunshine, and lots of flowers and birds. I invite you to check out that special day, Chasing the Super Bloom.

Today was a much different day than that sunny California day a year ago. The feel was much different, a sense of gloom hung over the hike. The clouds had rolled in and a storm was brewing. Not unlike what we are all experiencing in these unprecedented times… Headlines and live News Media fill us with fear and dread, the Corona Virus- Global Sickness, Stock Markets Falling, and Death occupy our thoughts. There was a run on the grocery stores, shelves-no entire aisles barren. The Governor gave the order for all Schools to close, Gyms, Theaters, Sports all to shut down. Then the order to Shelter in Place, Stay at Home, all Non Essential Business to close. Fear, Dread, worry… for our families, for friends, for our economy, for our country, indeed for our world.

Until today I had not left the house since the order, except to walk the dog, because the Governor made it clear multiple times that we could walk the dog, and that we could go to the grocery store, but to use social distancing. But today after feeling a little stir crazy and missing my outdoor activities I looked up on the website and investigated the do’s and the don’t and it mentioned that hiking was good, that the exercise was not only important for our body and mind, but in particular to keep our immune system strong. It went on to say that many of the Visitor Centers at our National and State Parks would be closed and many services we are used to at the areas would not be available, but that we certainly could hike just to do so with social distancing in mind.

So I hit the trail, and I certainly was not the only one. In fact, the trail was quite busy, so was the beach bike path. People were out, families were out stretching their legs, breathing some fresh air, taking a load off their mind for at least a bit. There were smiles on the trails. People seemed to adhere to the social distancing. Lol, I know I did… Whenever there was a tight spot I moved off the trail to let the other people go by. I did not want it to be too awkward, so I usually occupied that time to take a picture of a bird or a flower. When there was a choice I tried to take the path less traveled. It was good to see people enjoying hiking.

Besides the obvious clearing of the mind, and moving of the muscles, I enjoyed being in nature. Even though busy PCH is never far away and this hike is not the wilderness that I thrive on, but it was still very nice.

There were squirrels, ducks, sea gulls, humming birds and storks that one is used to seeing on this hike, but what was amazing was there were hundreds upon hundreds of what I will call Terns just having the best time ever. Be sure to checkout the video clips below.

It was nice to be on the trail even if it was just a little urban hike.

Looks and sounds like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Movie ‘The Birds’.
Renew, recharge, refresh, rejoice. 

Thanks for accompanying me ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ in these unusual and scary times. Remember to take a little break from it all once in awhile during this time of crisis, just like it is important to do all of the time, it is certainly important now more than ever. We will find that Balance again and Adventure- be it big or small can help us through. We need to all say Corona Virus – Take a Hike! Please FOLLOW, LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE.

Here is to finding some balance in these strange times that seems more like a bad movie, then our new reality. Take Care-

Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure