Bommer Ridge-Slow ‘n Easy-El Moro Canyon-Mach 1-Rattlesnake Loop


Activity: Day Hike

7.5 Miles, 1217’ elevation change, 3.5 hour duration, rated: Hard

Date 4-14-20

Crystal Cove State Park in the Spring Time is green and flowering. It is a great time to find that balance between the stressed out feeling of a busy work a day life and the peaceful tranquil feeling that getting out into nature can bring. We call that feeling ‘Pursing Balance Through Adventure’. Stretching the legs, getting the heart beat up, filling the lungs with the good ocean air and engage all of your senses with a prescription of adventure in nature.

This particular half day hike has a fair amount of mileage to it, pretty descent elevation gain, and you can throw in a steep rocky section or two for good measure. As far as views, this hike has the scenic views such as Saddle Back and other more distant mountains inland, as well as the blue Pacific, much of the time you can catch a lovely view of Catalina Island to cap off the trek. Then down in the bottom of the canyon is a shady oak grove, which is a welcome respite from the midday sun.

Picking a trail is like picking a hotel room. Do you want Ocean View or Mountain Vista or perhaps you prefer a View of the Canyon? That is one of the great things about Crystal Cove State Park, there is a lot of variety in what to see, how easy or difficult of an outing you are looking for, and how far you would like to hike. I have documented some of my Crystal Cove State Park hikes. The links are posted below for your reference. Checkout the links to tailor your outing to the time and effort available for that day.

Crystal Cove State Park Hikes

Gyms are closed, all except Mother Nature’s Gym. So I say, “Corona Virus Take a Hike”! – Pursuing Balance Through Adventure
Crystal Cove State Park is enjoyed by hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers.
Pursuing Balance Through Adventure YouTube Channel
“It’s not where you take the trail, it’s where the trail takes you.” 
The Face Mask have become part of hiking popular trails. Here I am wearing my stylish PBTA Face Gator and Cap. Besides the New Age Covid-19 deterrent it is good protection from wind, sun, dust, and bugs.

As always thanks for tagging along. ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ is a perfect way to basically take a deep breath and calm yourself down. We all can get a little stressed out getting the kids from this checkup with the doctor, to that with the dentist, Covid Test, don’t forget the orthodontist, add the dermatologist, and then of course a trip to the pharmacy, okay now you know what my last couple weeks looked like, lol. So, to get out into nature even if it is your go to local hike, like Crystal Cove State Park is for me, a couple hours or so in the great outdoors really recharges the battery. To keep the enthusiasm up and get inspired stay tuned by these extremely important steps, (especially to PBTA), LIKE, FOLLOW, COMMENT and SHARE. If you go to the menu above you will see that PBTA goes to many locations throughout the West. Each location is a separate website and thus needs to be FOLLOWED independently. Once you get inspired and decide on where to go you will need to outfit yourself. I have the perfect suggestion: SHOP APPAREL. Not only will you be looking and feeling the adventure you will be carrying the mantra ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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